The answer to the very important question

In the last post we examined the notion that grinding towards your goal will lead you to a difficult realisation when it all finally matters.

Today, I want to dive deeper into the question that I believe everybody comes to when they start trying to balance The Grind with Living.

What’s the point?

I believe when we are focussed deeply into diving for a goal, we don’t tale enough time to appreciate the life we have been blessed to live. The goal takes precedence over our reticular activating system and our minds’ distort, delete and generalise all the information that the aligned with the goal.

The consequence of this natural process is that we start missing out on other things that might draw a smile on our faces. We miss out on that special look from a loved one. We miss out on the moments that make the grind worth it.

And when that is noticed, we naturally try to balance the scales by being even more present and doing our best to prioritise our time. This complex jump from Going to Appreciation often comes at a cost.

We are forced to examine our life and see if what we are doing is going to make us happy. And if the grind is not all there is, we often start doubting our actions, our beliefs and what it’s all for.

I’ve certainly experienced this, and. know many of my clients have too. I’m pretty sure it’s a global issue but one that is not talked about.

It’s not sexy to talk about these things.

Social will tell us we should stick to the positive memes. But we know that there is truth in the pain as well.

The point is…even the doubts are part of life and must be experienced in the way. The doubts ask us to reconnect with what is important and for us to allocate an appropriate amount of time to these areas.

People are complex, and if we want to make a difference in the world, we have to help people see that even the dark moments are beautiful experiences of life that will be a trigger to something higher, something grander, something where the point is…


And maybe that’s the point after all.

So, what do you think? Do you agree? Share you thoughts below.

Until next time.



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