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This week we have talked about the influence the closest people in your life have on your manifestation of abundance. Fundamentally we are talking about the stories we take on from our parents and closest friends.

If you’ve followed along, you’re probably wondering – Ok, so what do I do?

The answer is to create your own MasterMind group. Now, contrary to most people’s execution of a MasterMind group, it’s not a group of people all working towards a similar goal.

A MasterMind has some very exacting criteria for it to work, otherwise you’ll just end up buying each other’s stories all over again.

Here are the 5 points I recommend based on what has worked for me in the past.

  1. Numbers don’t matter. You can have 1 person (with you of course) as long as that person is the right one.

  2. Your MasterMind must have people that challenge you. They typically are just ahead of you in terms of success, so you feel you are playing a bit of catch-up. If you’re Godzilla in a room of lizards, LEAVE!

  3. A MasterMind is a value for value exchange. You must also be providing insight, value, challenge and thinking to help them grow.

  4. Set a timeframe of 1 year for the group and review. This gives you the opportunity to end the group gracefully if its time has come.

  5. Have a set meeting time and place and stick to It religiously. This must be in the calendar and be unmovable.

So, what is your experience with MasterMind groups? Are you in one now? Have you been in one before? Are you setting one up after today?

Share your thoughts below.

Until next time.



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