The Very Important Question

Last post, we started looking at The Grind meme, and examined the overall theme that social media has become a hot-bed of popular consensus, backed up by nicely worded memes that capture your attention.

But just because they have a flashy picture that evokes emotion, captioned by someone you respect – doesn’t make it true, or even something you should allow past the guardian of your mind.

Take The Grindmeme for instance. Where in the Grind philosophy is the acknowledgement of a life well lived, of moments captured that have nothing to do with your target, of enjoying a sunset (yes it’s a cliché but if you have ever seen the beautiful colours across the sky, you know it to be a true cliché)?

Where in The Grind philosophy is their acknowledgement of needing to reset your button, to allow yourself to recharge and re-align with your goals when times get tough?

These choices are not discussed by the proponents of The Grind.

But…you are a physiological machine that will one day stop working. No matter how much you grind, you can never escape the reality that you will never hit every goal you go for. If hitting your goals is your only motivation, you will…..I’m sorry to say friends….regret this choice when it finally matters.

This leads us to a very important question – if this is correct….”What’s the point?”, and this is where we pick up tomorrow.

Until next time.



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