Finding Zero

Discover the abundance from within by Finding Zero.

Chris Lianos is a leading NLP Trainer and Mindset Coach who has dedicated the past twenty years to helping hundreds of men and women to unlock their potential, stop procrastinating, get motivated and create abundance. 

Finding Zero, illustrates how you can use metaphysics and neurolinguistic programming to solve the problems that confront you every day. Chris brings these two practices together to teach you how to release negative emotions and take practical steps to achieve abundance. Discover truths, including:

  • How to go beyond the veils that hide your abundance
  • How to crack the creation code and manifest your dream life
  • How to use universal prosperity laws linked to your abundance
  • How to avoid self-sabotaging behaviours

Filled with inspirational quotes, worksheets that promote self-discovery and diagrams that explain concepts, this book allows you to gain control over your life and achieve abundance by Finding Zero.

Here’s what you will learn

Chapter 1 – The Magic of 134

How our brains work to create the reality we experience and how they are letting us down.

Chapter 2 – The Harry Potter Syndrome

How you are creating the world just like Harry Potter and the truth of all pain and suffering.

Chapter 3 – Your Divine GPS

Understanding why things are happening to you and the answer to the ancient question – Why am I here?

Chapter 4 – The Dreamer Has Awakened

Undoing the myth of reality and freeing the dreamer inside with the creation code I+O=R

Chapter 5 – The Great Veil Deception

Concrete proof that you are aware of a fraction of what is really going on and the 3 levels of understanding that form the touch points of the Zero Effect.

Chapter 6 – The Forgiveness Manifesto

Releasing the toxic emotions holding you back from your greatness and the 8 forgiveness questions that will change your life.

Chapter 7 – Resistance is Futile

Understanding the powerful effect of meaning in our lives and how truth and events are a mirror for our own subjectivity. Learn to discern what is driving your reactions.

Chapter 8 – Hugs, Kisses and Rose-Coloured Glasses

Learn the difference between emotions that are warnings and emotions that are intuitive nudges, and understand the incredible relationship of Love and Time

Chapter 9 – Cracking the Creation Code

The final 3 rules you must know and apply to manifest anything.

Chapter 10 – Prosperity 101

Let’s define prosperity across all of life, uncover the 6 Belief Buster questions and develop your 4-step prosperity plan to master your life.

Chapter 11 – The Laws

The 7 universal laws always at play in your prosperity consciousness and how to apply them.

Chapter 12 – The Zero Transmutation

Bringing it all together, transforming your life and combining the 3 layers of truth to manifest from the Zero Point. Also discover what a person manifesting from Zero looks like.

Appendix A – Future Prosperity

My 10-step plan to transform the planet and bring peace and prosperity to everybody.

Appendix B – Recommended Immersion List

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