Outstanding is a Choice!

Be outstanding.

The world is full of average. This isn’t bad news or new news, but you have to be aware of what is happening around you.

People are blaming someone else for the fact they haven’t hit their goals, for the fact that their life is mediocre. Bu who’s calculating that? Me? Certainly not.

I’m not that arrogant.

And still…here are the facts.

  • If you ask someone on the street what their goals are, they’ll likely tell you they don’t really have any, or give you some generalisation. (Generalisations never work by the way).

  • If you ask someone on the street what they want to accomplish today, they won’t have a clue, apart from more generalisations.

  • If you ask someone on the street if they are happy with their growth as a person, they’ll likely point to the burger and say yeah.

One of the reasons we are attracted to people who are successful is that they are reminding us of what is possible for us. Even when we don’t like them as a person, we still hold a grudging (often very silent) admiration for what they have been able to accomplish.

People settle. They accept average results for themselves. They board the mediocre train on platform ‘I’ll just do enough.”

Just enough won’t get you your goals.

Mediocre won’t get you your goals.

You have to be willing to step out of your own shadow, to get uncomfortable, to feel pressured, to feel a little lost…and just work it out along the way.

It’s possible. That’s the good news.

The bad?

Most people won’t do it. They’ll live on dreams and imagination, on WHAT IF, and scratch the lottery hoping for some divine lightning strike to change their lives.

Living a life like this is no life at all. It’s filled with watching the news, the latest reality TV craze (like can a blindfolded kiss predict real love), accepting less than you are worth, accepting less for your family and children, brothers, sisters and parents/grandparents. You deserve so much more.

You deserve to live your dreams. You deserve to grow as a person, to be healthy, to contribute.

But none of that can happen from average.

Be bold. Be amazing. Be your own lightning strike, and above all….

Be outstanding.

Keep rocking



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