The Burden of Truth

The Burden of Truth

In a time like now, where there is so much information and misinformation floating around the data sphere in relation to Covid-19 (on both sides), I think it’s important to remember our individual responsibility to separate emotion from logic and human failure from human evil.

Over the last 6 months I have had so many conversations with new friends around the concept of truth. What is true here? How can we tell what is true and what is not? And how do we balance our emotional reaction to events when circumnavigating what is available to us.

There is nothing easy here, and anyone who tells you it is, is just not understanding the human impact or the feelings of being on the receiving end of misinformation…(again, on both sides).

And so it rests on our individual sense of right and wrong that is filtered through years of events in our individual lives.

The burden of truth asks us to do two specific things.

1 – Remove our inherent bias, what we want to be true….and analyse the situation with fresh, new, eyes.

2 – Have the self-awareness to understand how emotion will make us feel we are right…and that is a very dangerous place to be.

Our emotions lie.

They can’t be trusted because they are a reflection of our filters and our bias. They do not take into consideration a point of view that is 180 degrees different. The polar opposite. And so we must…we absolutely must…start reconciling the world through less emotional responses.

What happens when we do that?

Less judgement.

Less fear.

Less provocation.

More compassion.

More love.

More trust in the people around us.

It’s ok to get fired up, but when we are looking at the world around us, emotional responses will do greater harm than good.

The burden of truth requires all of us to be more rational.

I think we can do it.


Talk soon.


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