Chris is an amazing and influential Trainer, Coach and human being. During our times training together, he has shown fantastic knowledge, passion and authenticity in what he does. As a client, that is what you ask for, and Chris delivers that in spades, I am sure that he will continue to expand on his already high level acumen, to the benefit of all those who come within his magical circle of influence. I highly recommend Chris, and look forward to further collaborations with him in the future.

David Giang
Founder - www.apac8.com

In the space of our first 40 minute phone call, Chris was able to identify 3 major road blocks that were preventing me from moving forward to reach my goals. By asking some thought provoking questions and working through my answers he gave me advice that required my action.
I’m still blown away by how my self confidence, my relationships and my business improved after taking the action suggested and following the advice given. Chris helped me unlock the obstacles I wasn’t able to identify and showed me how to overcome them. What a gift!


The problem I was having was believing in myself and the pursuit of my dreams, also personal beliefs limiting my life experience. Chris helped me to firstly acknowledge and take ownership of my part in the equation of my life, and then he helped me step by step improve on the way I navigate through decisions regarding my life mainly with regard to how my beliefs (false beliefs) have influenced my decisions. Chris helped me change patterns. I would definitely recommend Chris and I am looking forward to more results. The results I have had so far ares regaining control over my life and decisions and believing in myself again. Chris has also encouraged me in a way that makes me understand I am capable of anything. Thank you for instilling this belief in me that ANYTHING is possible.

Antonella Ianni
Designer and Business Owner

When you are involved in direct sales and marketing, one of the greatest impediments to success is failing to focus on the activities that are important to achieving a solid income. What many people in sales refer to as ‘rain maker activities.’ I found that while I knew quite clearly the results I wanted to achieve, I had trouble clarifying between what I wanted to do and what I needed to do .
Chris has helped me define what those rain maker activities are, and forced me to align my thoughts and mental focus with the shortest route to achieving my objectives. I definitely have a habit of overthinking and over-planning on all that I do – something Chris unhesitatingly called me out on as ‘avoidance behaviour.’ He helped me get to the true reasons as to why I wanted to create success in network marketing, and what were the elements in by behaviour, mindset and character that I needed work on in order to reach the goals I had set myself.

When I began with a new company in October 2016, I was able to put in action the lessons he had imparted over the year prior, and I believe it is that different mindset and set of beliefs that helped me rank advance twice in just 15 days.
I highly recommend Chris Lianos because he has incredible passion for what he does. He doesn’t simply want his clients to be rich and happy, and all those things that many lifestyle coaches seem to parrot. What Chris wants is for you to achieve the life of your choice, with an approach that seeks to raise every aspect of the way you live, communicate, work and honour yourself.

If you’re prepared to live life true to what you want out of it, let Chris Lianos guide you to making it happen.

Faouzi Daghistani

I still find myself reading his work and listening to his video’s which have given me much joy & confidence to believe in myself and move forward in my own success story. If I could describe Chris I’d say he is a genuinely passionate individual who literally lives & breaths self empowerment. Chris has a knack of being resilient in achieving his goals and it’s infectious. With a simple conversation he will leave you feeling encouraged and on track to perusing your personal goals whatever they may be. What I love the most about Chris is that he has an unbelievable intuition which has on many occasions made me realise that it’s perfectly ok to be me, to display my passions and to listen to my inner self away from all the outside noise that may otherwise divert your attention. This invaluable quality of Chris is one of his great strengths among many. His kindness, approachable personality, trusting and supportive nature make him and his work incredibly insightful & engaging. He certainly has a great calmness about him and encourages you to create your success, small or big, by channelling (& challenging) your thoughts & actions.

Smruti Dalal
Private Business Owner

I had been having challenges in my business where I had been stagnant and was having no progress. While working with Chris over the period of a few months he was able to guide me through some of the deep rooted things which we identified were holding me back from achieving the type of success I wanted to have. The mood of the sessions was relaxed and open which really allowed me and Chris to dive deep into some personal details and emotions that were challenging yet liberating because I was able to see and feel what had been holding me back. The coaching also had a positive impact on my home life because Chris’ approach was holistic and not specific just to my business challenges. I am a better leader today in my business and also in my family life because of the coaching received from Chris. If you want to go to another level in any area of life or business I would highly recommend working with Chris to help you get there. He will bring out that hidden potential we all have inside.


Anoeil Abramian

We recently had the opportunity & pleasure to interview & chat with Chris Lianos, on the SendOutCards Asia Pacific webinar for SendOutCards distributors around the world. Chris shared his coaching knowledge & experience in growing a business like SendOutCards & what was required to achieve success.

What Chris shared, was both practical & easy to understand & implement by SendOutCards distributors.

I would easily & readily recommend Chris for any business that wanted to use Chris’ services in a coaching role. Chris is articulate & well versed in sharing his knowledge & experience, with the audience he is training & coaching.

Ian Kingwill

Thank you very much for your time yesterday. I found our talk very interesting and helpful.

I have been having a problem with procrastination and depression/anxiety for 3 years now and although I keep some form of control, it is a daily battle. After our one (1) hour session on the phone it made so much sense to me and when I had to do my work etc today there was no sign of any procrastination or feelings of depression or anxiety at all. It is unbelievable that a one hour talk changed so much but as you said, it is a “state (of mind)” I was in and now that I understand this, there won’t be any further problems with the above issue. Again, thank you for what you did for me in such a short time.


Richard de Groot
Send Out Cards


I was hooked on this book from paragraph 1! Chris Lianos has done a fantastic job in not only explaining why success in life happens but also how it can be realised for all of us.

Faouzi Dhaghastani
Professional Network Marketer - Synergy

Most people want more abundance in their life but struggle to know where to start. Finding Zero allows you to better understand your mind, to ‘flick the success switch’ and re-set your old limiting defaults and paradigms. Chris’ writing style opens your mind in a non-confronting way to receive new information, ideas and possibilities.

Marcus Schbert
Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Finding Zero is perfect for those who long to find a purposeful and meaningful life. You will be immersed under Chris’s world from the very first chapter and be brought along through his journey in the manifestation of the meaning of life. Follow his mentorship cues closely and you will find this book very applicable to your daily life.

Victor Setiawan
Author of National Best-Seller Changing Impossible to I’m possible

From the very first chapter, I was already seeing things differently and experiencing how I understood human potential at a whole other level. This was very humbling for me as I have been in this field for almost a decade and Chris allowed me to explore further depths into human potential so elegantly and practically too.

Lauren Jobson
Vice Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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