Everything is a Recipe

When clients come to me for assistance, the first thing I am thinking about is ‘How do they do this problem?”

See, everything we do….everything, has a recipe.

When you fold your arms, you fold them either right on top of left…

…or left on top of right.

Asked to swap and fold them with the other arm on top feels somehow…wrong.

This is because the action is based on a pattern that is encoded in your brain.

The same is true of any problem.

All problems have a basis in behaviour.

For example – to procrastinate, one must do certain things.

They must make certain pictures in their head, give these pictures a certain meaning and generate certain feelings.

This is the recipe that creates procrastination.

Pictures + Meaning + Feelings.

Change any one of these and the recipe can no longer create the outcome of Procrastination.

Now, this is great when we talk about something like Procrastination, but what happens when we consider other problems that one faces?

  • Lack of Confidence;

  • Lack of Self Belief;

  • Lack of Motivation;

The good news is the same is true for any problem.

A recipe exists and once you know it and change it, the problem just disappears.

In the next post, we’ll pick up on the ingredients that make up the recipe of any behaviour.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

Until next time.



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