Your Word of Magic for 2020

It’s 31/12.

People all over the world are doing what they do every 12 months. Set new resolutions for the 12 months ahead.

Most will lead with health. You know the deal. Lose weight, eat healthily, drink more water, have more sex, be emotionally more connected, or less if they cry at everything.

And by the 15th the NY and the resolutions will seem like a thing of the past.

That’s happened to me so many times I’ve lost track.

I learnt a technique from my coach Randy Gage that has helped me break the pattern.

It’s called the ‘Word of the Year’.

See the concept is that you decide on a word that will be the defining lens through which you live 2020.

The word can be anything.

And it must be something you are determined to live.

As you consider what the word is for you, I’d like you to consider these questions.

  • Where did I let myself down in 2019?

  • What are the goals I routinely set and do not follow through on?

  • What do I consistently say I want?

  • What word encompasses these goals AND will help get there?

My word for the next 12 months is DISCIPLINE.

It’s a powerful reminder for me that anything I want is on the other side of consistency, and consistency can only be found through DISCIPLINE.

What will be your word for 2020?

Let me know below.

Have an amazing NY celebration and from my family to yours, be safe, be bold in the direction of your dreams and live life with joy and passion.





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