Going Beyond Inspiration

As we’ve kicked over into 2020, it’s relatively easy to get stuck on the dogma of NY resolutions and the myriad of processes available to make 2020 the best for you.

Many times, good-natured coaches propagate the requirement for inspiration.

In my latest book – draft title “Addicted to Victimhood’, I spend time talking about Inspiration, Motivation and Determination and how they do, in effect, promote a mindset of playing small.

To achieve what you want in 2020, you must go beyond Inspiration. You must go beyond Motivation and Determination.

You must become committed and disciplined.

There is no way around this.

Yesterday I had a profound conversation with my brother and wife about the differences between being in the flow and structuring your day.

Neither extreme is good.

The highest place of growth and contribution is somewhere in the middle.

You must move beyond inspiration into a place where you can be inspired and structured, prophetic and planned, dreamy and grounded.

This zone of continuity is where the magic happens, where you can touch the deepest corners of your inspiration, hear the divine and at the same time, be rooted firmly into the materialistic world that needs your attention.

So as you move into 2020, consider where you are.

Are you deeply grounded with little spontaneity? Perhaps a little flow will help.

Are you flowing and bopping the currents of life? Perhaps a plan will help you float to your destination quicker.

There’s always another level.

As always, let me know what you think and please share this post if it resonated with you.



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