The 4 Questions of Greatness

So in the last post we started talking about greatness.

And we discovered that…  Greatness is a feeling derived from a perceived success in a chosen endeavour.

So, to feel this, it stands to reason, that the first step is we must identify the actual things we are good at.

Too many people are looking to be great in areas where they are currently horrible.

That’s a long road – not to mention an awesome strategy for making yourself feel bad.

The path to greatness is actually much easier.

All you have to do is answer the following questions.

1 – What are you inherently good at?

2 – How can you double down on what you are inherently good at?

3 – How can you promote what you are inherently good at?

4 – How can you get known enough for this thing that you are incredibly good at?

Answer these questions and you will start the journey toward a feeling, and then an identity.

What comes after that?

Living it.

Hit me up with what you think and comment below.


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