The 5 Laws of Growth – Law 5 – Applying

Here we are.

Thanks for sticking with it until the final law.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far.

Law 1 – Visioning

Law 2 – Realising

Law 3 – Searching

Law 4 – Learning

It’s probably not a surprise to see that the final law is titled – Applying.

The 2 questions we must ask are:

1 – What am I applying?

2 – What am I applying towards?

Let’s look at them individually.

What am I applying?

The short answer is you are applying the actions that will  move you in the direction of your goal. More specifically, you are applying the 20% of actions that will produce 80% of all results. It stands to reason then that you must be tracking your results. A very simple way to do this is by using a tick sheet.

Task Move me towards my goal (y/n)

Make a list of the tasks you do every day on the left and with a Yes or No on the right column, identify if the task moved you toward your goal right now. If the answer is Yes, double down on those activities. If the answer is no, consider letting them slip by the way side.

Remember that 20% of your actions will produce 80% of your results. Your job is to identify what those 20% actions are, and do more of these. Sounds logical right?

What you must stay away from is the 80% of tasks that make you feel like you are being productive (ie getting things done), whilst the truth is they produce very little in terms of results towards your goal.

What am I applying towards?

This takes us back to Law 1 – Visioning, and brings the Laws of Growth full circle.

What is your exact goal and why is this important to you?

These two questions will allow you to keep applying even when the going gets tough and you’re every fibre is calling out to you to quit.

By linking these two together under the Law of Applying, you will naturally grow as a person and you will grow towards your goal.

What are you thoughts about the final Law of Growth? Share your insights below.

Until next time.

Keep being awesome.


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