When you feel flat – do this

It’s going to happen.

You’ll feel good and then the carpet will feel like it’s ripped out from under you and you are falling into an abyss.

You’ll feel flat.

You’ll feel that nothing matters.

If you’ve ever experienced this you know how awful it is.

Recently a client asked me “Chris, how do I break free from this feeling?” Here is what I told him.

#1 – It’s normal

It’s normal to feel out of sorts some times. This is what makes you human. The ability to feel a range of complex emotions and process them all.

#2 – Remember that this is not permanent

As with all things, remember the mantra “This too shall pass”. It always does.

#3 – Connect with someone

One of the hardest things to do when you feel down and flat is to worry about other people. It’s why being alone feels somehow like the right move. But it’s exactly the opposite of what I’d recommend. The more you can help someone else the better you will feel about your own situation.

So that’s it for today.

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