The Story of Your Life

If your life was a story, what would it be?

It’s an interesting question and premise to ask?

When you think about the great stories that have moved generations of people, from young to old, all stories have one thing in common.

A structure.

Act 1 – we meet the protagonist and are introduced to their desires and their fears.

Act 2 – the protagonist meets their adversary, sometimes an external force, sometimes an internal struggle, and has to choose what to do. The battle begins.

Act 3 – the protagonist overcomes their greatest struggle and lives happily ever after

And this raises an interesting question.

If we take this as a true premise, that all life plays out across these 3 acts, then what actions are you taking to move from Act 2 to Act 3?

See, what stands out for me is the fact that so many of us stay stuck in Act 2 for far too long.

The battle begins…again and again and again.

People loop.

To move to Act 3, we must choose to see the opportunity in every moment to resolve our inner conflicts, our inner struggles, the baggage we hold onto.

This is a belief that I have chosen to adopt, and I encourage you to do the same.

In the moment, how can I use what’s happening to resolve my past, so I can move to my amazing future?

What can you do today to move to your amazing future?

It’s a great question.

Take a moment and share your thoughts below.

Until next time, be amazing.


PS – I’ll be sharing photos of our recent Wizard Arises event soon and registration for the July event is now open.



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