Victimhood is Catchy

It’s easy to adopt the mindset of victimhood.

It’s easy – just like the flu.

Hang around people that have it and you will find it difficult to avoid the damn infection.

Your environment plays a significant role in your manifesting the prosperity you want to have. And no amount of denying the impact will make it less.

At a recent Wizard event, I talked about the impact of the environment in the evolution of consciousness. And it’s vital. In fact, your environment can actually thwart your evolution.

What constitutes your environment?

– The people you surround yourself with

– The media you watch

– The news you ingest

– Yoru work/business place

– Your friends

– The books you read

It all adds up.

So this week, do an audit of your environment and see if it supports or thwarts your evolution.

Whichever way you land, consider what you can do to improve the environment.

Hit me up below and let me know what you think.


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