The Cost of the F Word

In this second post on Fulfillment, I’d like to consider what we are willing to pay to get it.

Now fulfilment is not the same as happiness. Happiness is a state that is linked directly to external events.

Something out there makes me happy.

Fulfilment is an internal game.

Fulfilment is that magical land where we feel at peace with our accomplishments, what we have created and what our legacy on this earth is.

As the years creep on, we tend to move from the age of significance to the age of fulfilment, from wanting to prove our worth to the world through the accumulation of material victories, to wanting to leave the world a better place.

What is the cost for that choice?

If you haven’t done the material game, switching to fulfilment too early will actually leave you feeling deprived of something.

And leaving it too late will leave you feeling like a vampire – sucking the happiness from the lives of others.

It’s a fine line and you can’t jump the game until you are ready.

The cost is different for everybody.

For some, the cost is purely financial. More money available and this must be given away to a charity of your choice.

For others, the cost is time. More time available to volunteer at the local soup kitchen or the men’s homeless shelter.

The cost is dependant on what you have created in your life. Generally, the cost will be the exact thing you used to measure as success.

So be prepared to make the leap at some point.

Hit me up below and let me know your thoughts. Have you started paying the price already? Are you into significance or fulfilment?


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