The Counter-Intuitive Method out of Victimhood

In the last post, we talked about the impact that multi-tasking has on victim consciousness and proposed that multi-tasking is doing more harm than good.

In this second excerpt from my new book, the sequel to Finding Zero, we look at the questions which might shed some light on your thinking and discuss the Balance Hack.

Think on the following statements and simply put a Yes or a No next to each one, signalling your agreement or disagreement. Do your best to be super honest here. This is not the time to play “let me write the answer I WANT it to be.” You must be 100% congruent.

  • It’s spiritual to put yourself second

  • It’s noble to be poor and humble

  • Too much money infects the soul

  • You can have too much

  • Most rich people are probably selfish

  • Greed is the outcome of a focus on money

A large percentage of surveyed people chose YES as the answer to all of the above.

This is the seed of victimhood.

You must make a conscious decision to stop using the Life Wheel as another reason to feel bad. It will never be balanced. It is simply a matter of priorities. Where must you now spread your time to achieve the goals you set.

Now, there is one hack you can use that will give you the feeling of balance even though, in actuality there is none.

The Balance Hack

How does a person shift into a feeling of balance when there is no actual balance available?

Perception, based on presence.

When you choose to bring your awareness solely into the present moment, solely into the task at hand, when all of you is here now, doing this thing that you are doing, you can feel balanced. It’s the art of choosing your focus so carefully and precisely that you compartmentalise all other areas of life.

Time becomes an illusion.

Ten minutes of intense presence with your partner can be better than two-hours of faltering attention where you are scanning your phone for that precious email.

This is not new knowledge.

It’s execution though is severely lacking.

Multi-tasking is the death of your ability to be efficient. It is also the death of your ability to feel connected to your life in a way that deepens the experience of it.

In an age where humanity has access to more and more information at the touch of a finger, the allure, attraction and pull of possibility makes it difficult to say no and stay focussed on a singular target.

Or, if we are talking about a quiet dinner with your spouse, a singular emotional goal.

Multi-tasking then is not an emotional target, rather, it feeds our desire to achieve more.

Strangely and counter-intuitively, achieving less is actually the path out of victimhood.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Comment below.



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