You must know your life purpose to succeed

Understanding your life purpose – the reason you are here doing what you do is critical to your success in life. Without it, it is easy to flounder along waiting to run into experiences which inspire and motivate you.

The simple truth is that the rich and successful have a strong sense of purpose in everything they do.

And the trick is that this purpose is very rarely all about them.

It’s a fallacy propagated by the media that rich people are selfish and only care about themselves. In fact, it’s impossible that this is true. The only way to get rich is to bring so much value to the market that other people pay you for what your product or service. People have to give you their hard earned money, to get something they want.

A rich person has provided sufficient value to have a large group of people consistently give him/her their money is exchange for a product.

There is nothing in that sentence about being selfish.

To get to the next level of your life – no matter what level you are at the moment – you must cultivate, fine tune and grow your personal vision for life.

What are you here to do?

Who are you here to serve?

How will you do that?

What will you get from serving millions of people?

How will there life be better?

To get to the next level, you must get in touch with these answers and build the rest of your life around providing the market with the answers.

It’s the only way.

Self doubt has no place in the success equation. Everybody – YES EVERYBODY – experiences self doubt at some point and in some way. The rich and successful simply understand that it’s part of the equation and give it no more meaning.

Their actions are far more important.

Actions linked to a purpose greater than they are.

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Keep being amazing.


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