1 Idea Away

You are only 1 idea away

Today, consider this very simple concept.

You are only ever 1 idea away from your next breakthrough.

Your next million-dollar idea.

The health breakthrough you need

The relationship fix you need.

We are all, only 1 idea away from changing everything in our lives.

Cancer will be cured by 1 idea.

The climate crisis we face will be healed by 1 idea.

Feeding the planet will be accomplished by 1 idea.

Everything is only ever 1 idea away.

And here’s the rub….

New ideas to manifest with old ways of thinking.

To make room for a new idea, you have to make room in your mind for it to grow.

You may place the seed. You may water it daily, but if you lay the seed in soil that is already full of weeds, it will die.

Make room in your mind for the breakthrough through to grow.

That’s what I’m doing this week.

Until next time



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