The Mid-Month Resolution Slump

It’s a new year.

New possibilities.

2019 is ahead of you and it can be anything you want it to be.Unfortunately, by the middle of January 90% of all new year resolutions have become a thing of the past. Too hard.

Life has kicked in, life is back to normal and the holidays, the celebrations seem like an age ago.

If you’re reading this you likely have first world problems. You probably don’t have an issue with a roof over your head, a supply of healthy running water or the opportunity to source medical assistance when you need it.

In other words, your core survival needs are being met.

So why is it that in the majority – your new years’ resolutions are often a thing of the past a mere two weeks after making them? Now this may not be your situation, and if you’re still going strong, I honour and congratulate you. But is there even one area where you have dropped the ball?

It’s time to get honest and real, because I’m about to tell you why that is.

You’re procrastinating because you are not in enough pain as yet.

It’s a First World Problem.

See, when I went through all my work challenges, the pain was so intense, so big, so overwhelming that I had to change. It wasn’t a question of do I want it bad enough.

It was a certainty.

If your new years’ resolutions stared strong but are starting to drift into the sunset, you have to be aware of why.

And the why is that there is not enough pain attached to you staying where you are.

Only two things force us to change.

1 – The promise of pleasure

2 – The certainty of pain.

So, if you truly want to make a difference and get your goals back into gear, spend some time really connecting with why you need to change. If you get real enough, if you get associated enough, I promise you’ll jump out of bed tomorrow with a renewed sense of purpose.

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  1. Aleni 4 years ago

    This is so true, life happens and we can easily float back into default living! Needed this reminder thank you

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