The Great Toilet Paper Hysteria of 2020

Do I fold or scrunch?

Makes no difference if I have no toilet paper.

We all know what stress does to us.

We tighten up.

Our breathing becomes shallow.

Our mind becomes very scatty – unable to focus on just one thing.

Everything appears to be urgent and important – even checking email or making sure the kitty litter is the clumping variety.

We want to experience simplicity.

We want to experience being in control.

But the opposite is true.

Under stress, we cannot see the simple solutions that might be right in front of us.

It’s incredibly important not to catastrophise life when life situations cause us to feel like everything is urgent and important.

Like toilet paper.

In Australia at the moment, people have reached a hysteria around toilet paper. There is a countrywide shortage as the Coronavirus craziness continues. But stocking toilet paper? Really?

This is what stress will do.

We make poor decisions under stress.

Our fight or flight response is activated.

Like the man who pulled a knife on a shopper to grab a pack of the great bum cleaner.

Or the man who was tasered by police for the same thing.

When life provides these situations, it is vital that we keep our wits about us. If you’ve been following my work for a while you know I talk about the impact of our negative beliefs on our life.

And the one playing out in hysterical proportions right now is that of lack.

Not a lack of a staple like rice or flour or bread.

A lack of toilet paper.

Under stress, the simple solutions are not accessible and our adrenalin and cortisol floods our bodies blinding us to the obvious.

Where in your life might this be playing out? Do you have areas where the stress is blinding you to a simple solution? It’s something worth considering.

These obvious times are hard to identify because our logical, rational thinking mind has shut down. Pulling a knife for toilet paper? You’d have to think this person is shaking their head wondering what came over him.

We need to take these real-world experiences and conceptualise them, take them inside and search for the moments when we behave like that.

You may not have pulled a knife, grabbed someone by the hair or threatened them for a roll of kleenex, but you’re probably guilty of treating yourself that way.

You’ve kept yourself hidden.

You haven’t let the power inside you out.

You’ve let difficult situations rob you of simple solutions.

Let the toilet paper hysteria be your opportunity to clean away the residue of old lack thinking. Pun intended.

Wash it away and remember to have the self-awareness to notice when you are feeling panicked about a situation.

Step back. Evaluate. And ask a better question.

There’s always a better, simpler answer.

Hit me up below and let me know what you think.


PS – the simple solution if the absolute worst thing happened and we ran out? Water.

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