The Requirement for Response-Ability

In tumultuous times of upheaval, when we are faced not only with health concerns but also economic and socioeconomic challenges, when social distancing is creating more space at the exact time when we have to come together – what do we do?

We have to accept that there are some things we do not have control over, and no matter how hard we fight against this, no matter how hard we try and take control, we cannot get what we want.

The control we are seeking right now amounts to only three things:

1 – Control of our personal health

2 – Control of our family’s health

3 – Control of our economic situation

Everything else is fundamentally an off-shoot of one of these.

And that’s ok.

We can’t care for other people unless we are first able to take care of ourselves. This is why aviation emergency services ask parents to put on their mask first before putting on the mask of the child.

It’s not wrong to want to ensure you survive. It’s coded into the deepest part of your neurology.

But most of us reading this are not faced with a survival-event. We are facing a RESPONSE-EVENT.

We are being asked to choose how we respond and to demonstrate our ability to respond differently.


In the next post, we’ll discuss how you can take more control of your responses.


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