How to Eradicate Self-Doubt

If there are two things I get asked about the most, it’s procrastination and self-doubt.

How do I stop procrastinating?

How do I get over self-doubt?

So, today I want to give you a tool I give to my clients that helps them deal with the reality of self-doubt.

Now, why do I say reality?

Because self-doubt by definition is all about ‘doubt’. It’s not a certainty. If it was a certainty, there could be no doubt. Doubt implies “I don’t know if I can do it.” I’m doubtful.

When clients come to me asking for help in this area, I ask them this question.

  • “How do you know?”

And if we add more context to it, it might sound like this.

  • How do you know you can’t do it?

  • How do you know the product won’t work?

  • How do you know you will be terrible in that interview?

  • How do you know you will wreck that relationship?

  • How do you know you will be a bad parent?

  • How do you know you can’t generate the money you need?

  • How do you know you aren’t good enough?

What is fascinating is that the answer is always – and I do mean ALWAYS – a past story that seems to validate the doubt.

All doubts are limiting decisions, that is, a decision we make to limit ourselves.

And the tool I give people is a process called TimeLine Therapy (r).

TimeLine Therapy (r) gets rid of the decision, thereby freeing you of the doubt.

It’s like a feeling of being cleared out, feeling lighter and more certain of your potential and your ability.

If TimeLine Therapy (r) sounds like something you’d like to experience, you can book in a call with me here to chat about your particular situation.

Seld-Doubt does not need to control you any longer.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people and this technique works.

It just does.

Come and find out for yourself.

Book in a call here.

Until next time.


PS – If you skipped to the bottom like I often do, you can book a free discovery call with me here, to help you crush self-doubt.



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