The Tale of Human Wisdom

In the last post we talked about the impact of Covid-19 and the extreme uncertainty that has spiralled across the world because of the large – and largely publicised – deaths we have all seen on television and computer screens.

As we ended that post, I planted a seed that we must find greater meaning in this situation, which will allow us to activate a deep faith we all have, that we will come through this and somehow be better on the other side of the pandemic.

One question I have been asking students in my private group is Who do you want to be at the end of this?

See, I believe this is a fundamental question.

Let’s start with the premise that we are going to get through this.

Ok, so now that we have agreed on that, our actions during this time must be viewed under the microscope of hindsight. What we do now will define who we will see in the mirror when this situation passes.

One of the NLP processes for goal setting is to start with the end in mind, to identify the last step that has to happen before you know your goal is achieved. And from there, to reverse engineer the entire process.

I believe this is the process we must now follow.

We know that in hindsight we will see events and experiences that will reposition many of our experiences to include positive meanings.

Let me be VERY CLEAR.


What we are experiencing is tragic, frightening and I would prefer it did not happen.

And none of that will change the tale of human wisdom that follows any and every mass event.

We always look for greater meanings and positives.

So what are some of the positives we may see:

  • Increased level of community

  • An ecosystem reset

  • National boundaries will seem artificial

  • Local trade and local producers will boom

  • Altruistic heroes will arise

  • A sense of unity against future larger threats

  • A reconnection to spirituality

I know, that in hindsight we will see many things we could have done differently to prevent the world-wide tragedy that we see.

We will also see the best of humanity.

Our best action right now is to remember this future memory even as we tighten down, stay at home, constrict our routines and practice self-isolation and social distancing.

The light is there.

You know it.

Human Wisdom and ingenuity will shine through.

Our job is to remember it now.



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