You are not Neo and I am not Morpheus

It surprises me, and it probably shouldn’t.

People are always looking for shortcuts. Not openly. I think that most people know that their goal will take work and effort and hustle and grind. You know the words.

And there’s a point at which the hard work becomes…well…too hard and they look for the easy download.

What’s the hack?

What’s the 1 thing I can do that will get me the most results?

And the truth is that there is no way of knowing what that is for you without going through the grind to get there. See, information is a wonderful thing, but if there’s one thing I’ve learn in my own journey of tens of thousands of courses and products on my shelf, it is this.

No one is going to plug a scary looking piece of metal in my head and teach me Karate in 30 seconds. No, I had to train…hard…for 5+ years to get my black belt. No one is going to get me to pick through all the ways to build my business…and kapow…I now know. No, I have to make the mistakes and learn it. Through trial and error, and trial and error….

I tell my clients all the time. Get to Work. Stop with the day dreams of easy and quick success and Get to Work.

That’s ultimately the only shortcut.

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Talk soon.


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