The Prosperity Choice

My coach Randy Gage, coined a spectacular term that I appropriated yesterday and posted it on my Facebook feed.

Some people were very confused by what it all meant.

I confessed that I suffer from Inverse Paranoia.

Now what is that and why do I want you to be infected with it?

Let’s look at paranoia first. In its most basic form, paranoia is the fear that someone is out to get you, that bad things are going to happen to you.

And if we look at culture, we can see that the vast majority of people suffer from a form of this – a belief that they are unworthy, that good things happen to other people, that they can’t catch a break, that bad things happen to good people, that the selfish and evil rich hoard all the wealth, that the good guys are all taken, that the good girls are in hiding, that all their luck is bad-lack, that their upbringing is the sole arbiter of their success, that they don’t know the right people, have the right education, the right colour, language or look.

None of this is true, but we can make it be true if we choose to look at the world that way.

Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that some of these are not challenges (and yes some are bigger than others), but I have to believe that the human spirit, human consciousness and our innate ability to create our world must trump all barriers.

And this brings me to the infection.

I am infected with inverse paranoia.

The belief that good things are coming my way, that the universe is conspiring for my good and my growth, that my best days are ahead of me. It is a choice I make to keep my focus and attention on a belief that no matter what comes before me, this must – ultimately – be for my good. Even if – especially if – I don’t understand it.

We all have a choice on which side of the equation we take.

What’s yours?

Share your thoughts below and as always….

I’ll see you next time.



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