Do you want the body doctor or the leg doctor?

I was struggling with my Niche’.

As a coach, I kept on being told that I have to niche’, I have to choose the specific area I focus on. Yet, the whole point of coaching is helping as many people as possible.

There’s an old adage in marketing.

If you market to everybody, you end up marketing to no-one.

Another adage I like is the GP versus the specialist. If you had a leg problem, would you want to see a leg specialist or a whole body specialist?

Probably the leg specialist.

Now here’s the rub.

The whole body specialist might feel he is losing opportunity if he directs down to ‘legs only’. The opposite is true.

His specialist attracts the exact customer that needs his attention.

What has this to do with you?

Deciding on my niche’, having the courage to get selective, to be ultra-focussed is a decision I made. And making a decision is the first step in getting our results.

Prior to a decision, there is uncertainty. There is a mixed message.

Even for you.

Think about the time you wanted to ‘eat healthy’. This is a generalist.

Think about the time you decided to stop eating cheap, processed white bread. This is highly specific.

The difference between the two is a decision.

It’s a decision to get specific about the result you want to create.

Just as I had to get specific.

Now, how do you take this message and make it practical in your life?

Think about an area where you want to improve. It could be:

  • Career

  • Health

  • Money

  • Relationships

Whatever the area is, I’m going to guess that the reason you haven’t made the changes you want as yet is that you have not gotten specific enough about what you want there.

Do you want a new career? What kind of new job, where, working for who?

Do you want to have better health? What specific area of your health needs improving?

Is it money? Is it managing money, making more of it, investing it? What specifically?

Do you want a better relationship? How are you challenged to relate? What specifically needs improving?

You get the idea.

So, as I close this off, ask yourself the question – what specifically do I want in this area of my life that I say I want to improve? Get specific and you will have clarity.

Comment below and share your thoughts here.

Oh, and yes….I picked a niche’. 🙂

Until next time



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