Are You Getting What You Want?

Are you feeling like you’re floundering?

Are you feeling like a little sailboat that is being buffeted by life, bouncing from one challenge to another, never getting traction below your feet?

The reason may surprise you. It’s kind of counterintuitive.

I like the metaphor of the sailboat and the ocean because life can feel out of control.

Try this on.

In my coaching experience, what is most often missing when a client feels out-of-control is clarity around goals. If you do not have specific and measurable goals that inspire you, it is very easy to fall into a ho-hum existence.

It makes sense.

Without clear goals, you are allowing the dictates of your inbox, or your family or your work to become the guiding posts by which you live your life.

And although there may be important and necessary actions to take for your inbox, family and work, unless these are also your personal goals, the minutes and hours of your life will be spent making someone else’s goals a reality.

Spend some time today to consider what you want. 

Simply, in order to live a life of fulfilment, you must know what it is you want.

In the next post, we’ll talk about how to deal with doubt about your goals.

Until then, comment below.

Talk soon.


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