The Ridiculous Power Inside You

I’ve been speaking and abundance on these posts, my Lives and my event for years now and I wanted to share a specific moment that demonstrates the incredible power of the Circulation Law of Prosperity.

We recently took my father shopping for a new TV. Nothing too fancy. His old unit was 20 years old. The old cathode-ray version.

So, at the store, he found one he liked for $499.

Looked like a good purchase.

When I pulled the sales assistant over, he checked for stock, said they had 3 and told me the price.


No reason. No sale, just a discount.

When you give out to the universe, it often comes back in ways you do not expect.

Be generous and practice the Circulation Law of Prosperity.

It’s the power inside you that opens up the universe to shower you with abundance.

What about you? Ever had something like that happen to you?

Let me know.


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