The Zombie Apocalypse is Already Here

Hollywood got it wrong.

I’m serious.

The post-apocalyptic world of the Zombie take over has already started.

Sort of.

Well, if you call people walking around like mindless autonomon a precursor to a full out Zombie breakout – then yes I think we are on our way.

Ok, let me be clear. I’m not heading into a bunker because I think some half-human, brains eating thing is coming after me. I do, however, think that we are on the brink of humanity surrendering our thinking process to things outside of us.

I mean, it’s already happening.

15 years ago, if I hopped on a train, I would see people reading books and having hushed conversations. Ahhh, the respect of silence on a train. Long gone but not forgotten.

These days, people are immersed in the AI interface we call a smartphone.

These days, the train is filled with people staring down, texting and messaging the person next to them. Anyone else see a problem here? At my local coffee shop, where I do a significant amount of my work (I like the coffee), I notice a couple that comes in very regularly, they sit next to each other, the woman engrossed on her phone, the man playing candy crush or some variant with the same colours and sounds and all that bling.

We must do more than simply become the users of the technology.

We must become the captains of the technology and use it to move our personal dreams further along.

Whatever the future platforms look like and how we interact with them, one thing is certain.

If we don’t take control of our future by becoming the captains of the message, then the Zombie Apocalypse has already started.

People are living lives that are already empty.

It’s time we change that.

And it starts with you and me.

Who’s in?

Hit me up below and share your thoughts.

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