The One Thing You Must have to Crush Self Doubt

It’s a big call, right?

That there’s actually a ‘One’ thing that will crush self-doubt?

See, after working with hundreds of students, I noticed that some really succeeded and some continued to struggle.

But what was the difference?

Was it mindset? No.

Was it strategy? No.

Was it implementing the tools and techniques? Strangely……no.

Mindset, Strategy and Tools are all important. They are a necessity to achieve your goals.

But what do you do when self-doubt shows it’s ugly head?

You have to focus on the One Thing.

Some background first……

Self Doubt only pops up when you are attempting to do something outside your comfort zone. It’s actually a very normal response from your brain, to keep you safe.

Back in our prehistoric – you’re about to be eaten by a T-Rex days – self-doubt made sure you hid in the cave whilst Godzilla roamed the paddock.

Self-Doubt is normal.

What gets you passed it is the One Thing.

And that One Thing is a REASON.

What is the REASON you want this new goal?

What is the REASON you are attempting this task that is outside your comfort zone?

What is the REASON you are putting in the hours of work?

Another word for REASON is LEVERAGE. The more leverage you have, the more momentum you will carry into your task and this momentum will overpower self-doubt.

Here’s an extreme example to demonstrate the concept.

Imagine a mum who sees her child trapped under a car. With no thought to the contrary, she ignores the self-doubt and lifts the car off her child. Don’t believe me? Jack Kirby, the creator of the Hulk claimed that the inspiration for the green beast came from a mum lifting a car off her baby? There are at least 14 examples of such strength and the technical term is Hysterical Strength.

Self-Doubt vanished in the existence of relevant LEVERAGE.

So what can you do to overcome self-doubt? Well, you must get leverage. You must have a reason. You must have a strong enough WHY, that the existence of self-doubt is irrelevant.

In other words, whether you are doubtful or not, does not matter.

You have to lift that car because your child’s life depends on it.

When you have this type of leverage….you are certain of success because you will find a way, no matter what.

Perhaps it’s not life or death for you.

Still, I want you to really connect to the consequences of not following through. This will create the leverage you need.

Until next time, comment below and share your thoughts. Have leverage helped you overcome self-doubt?

Speak soon.

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