Being Alive Guarantees Nothing

The countdown is on.

And you’re not counting. That’s the problem.

If you live to be 103 years old, you have 37,595 days available to you.

Now since you’re old enough to read this, you have less. How many less? Nobody knows.

So get to work.

Being alive now guarantees nothing for the future.

Stop believing the memes of how Ray Kroc and Colonel Sanders started their business in mid-life. Sure they did. And so have thousands – no hundreds of thousands – who got nowhere. If they had started earlier though, they could have pivoted and adjusted.

When’s the best time to plant an acorn tree? 20 years ago. When’s the next best time?


Time is not on our side friends, and although this may be a sobering post, it’s true, and we all know it.

Why does people’s production go up after funerals? They dive into the work they believe is important because a funeral gives finality to our experience, and we are all very good at normalising the human experience.

Normalising the human experience is the death of motivation and success.

Keep moving, keep changing, keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible for you. There is no time to waste on things that don’t matter.

Things like:

  • Other people’s opinions of you

  • Your own negative thinking

  • The doubts that take hold at 2 am

  • Fears and anxieties

One day it will be too late to not care.

Start not-caring today and live your greatest expression of what you are capable of being and doing.

I frickin believe in you.

At the Wizard Arises event in Sydney, we take 5 days to help you reprogram your mind for success, working on communication skills, reframing negative patterns, breaking the hold of fear and anxiety on your life. We set powerful goals and educate you on why you do what you do and how to change it. It’s a powerful event and I invite you to check it out.

Remember, the countdown is on and it’s time for you to step into your true power and live your best life.

Hit me up below and let me know what you think.



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