Selfie anyone?


I kind of like it. I like taking pictures of my life and what things mean to me.  In fact, here’s one I took the other day when I was out for dinner with some friends. (insert Parea pic)

Do people really care what I’m eating?

Ummmm…. To sound Vain…yes, they do care.

See that’s what most people are missing with Social Media. People actually do care. They want to see who you are.

IS your life boring?

You may think so, but Instagram and Snapchat tell a different story.

Understand this…. People are more interested in your life (especially if it’s an interesting life) than you are interested in your own.

What you find boring they find exciting.

Did I eat the whole meal? You won’t ever know because I didn’t post a follow up picture. (MY BAD)

I should have.

To create a long-term business in this day and age you must use social media. Choosing not to, is about as nuts as not having a website right now, or not using a telephone or choosing to ride around on a horse and carriage because cars cause pollution.

Get over it.

Like now.

If you want to be successful in 2018 and beyond, you have to come to terms that vanity is part of the game, and if friends etc. call you a name, embrace it. They noticed.

And isn’t that what business ultimately is all about?

No one can buy your product unless they notice you.

Start stretching your comfort zone.

What can you do that will capture attention?

Something to think about.

Do me a favour and comment below on your thoughts. Interested to hear what you think.

‘Till next time.

Talk soon.


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