The Truth Hurts

What is the truth that we need to face to become the very best version of ourselves?

The answer starts with the acceptance of a simple premise.

There’s another level we can get to.

Another version of us that is available out there. We reach for it, we strive for it….and many of us fall short the moment we run into the obstacle we deep down feared to face.

And yet, this is the nature of life.

The obstacles we fear are the ones that strike us.

And through them, around them, beneath them, above them…is the pathway to our success.

The truth that we can become more hurts…because it reminds us that we have taken the easy road so far.

Awareness brings insight, and insight brings new challenges and new opportunities.

Our best self is born when we strive to strike through the very thing that has held us back in the past.


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