Are you the Unicorn?

In the personal development space, one of the biggest breakthrough’s we experience is when we are able to reclaim our power.

There are 3 levels to this reclamation process and if we miss one, the whole path crumbles.

At the first level:

We realise we havebeen giving our power to somebody else. Perhaps a person, or an organisation…more likely someone of influence in our lives. This passing of power is often identified as one of the following:

  • Keeping the other person happy at the expense of your happiness

  • Ensuring rapport is maintained by appearing ‘less-than´ the other person

  • Using self-depreciating humour to stay humble and by-pass the tall poppy syndrome (common vernacular in Australia for someone who stands out being cut down, back to the size of the consensus.)

At the second level:

We take our power back by enforcing boundaries, by doing introspective work (like journaling and private coaching), by attending events and exposing ourselves to modalities that are outside our comfort zone. Here is where we find the eternal seeker. We’ve all been there. And yet, even here, the power is shifted to the guru, the expert, the man/woman with the ONE answer.

At the third level:

In the final level, we realise that even our most highly respected influencers, our super coaches also pass through this triad. We realise that to go to another level means exposure to people who are succeeding in a way we aren’t. And we want to be like them. This likely kicks off the triad all over again and off we go. The important lesson to remember is that for 9/10 people, this is a natural process of evolution around goal achievement. We most often give our power away to someone who represents an area we want to move into. Recognition is vital, so that we don’t stay there and continue to do so. We must move from level 1 to level 3 as quickly as possible.

The unicorn (one who is different, who bucks the trend and is the exception. Eg — Elon Musk is a Unicorn in business) is different.

She’s not motivated by social conditioning in any way. Being last or first on the ladder means nothing to her. Her strive for significance is simpler and simultaneously more complicated. Making an impact is what matters and she’s willing to pay the price to do so.

What matters is the outcome, the goal. The process of getting there is just another process, just another set of steps to take and nothing you or I can say will shake her from the vision. It’s like we don’t exist. Truly.

Why is this important?

Unicorns are uncommon.

They are rare.

You will probably never see one.

Unless you are one.

There are many imposters — but a real one? Rare. You may be the exception. Rather than working on that, focus on moving up the triad, from level 1 to level 3. Just in case.

What I see, is thousands of entrepreneurs acting as if they are the unicorn, and because they are not, they miss the meaning of the triad that will give them peace. If you aim to be the unicorn and truthfully don’t carry that single minded, blinkers on, words-are-irrelevant mindset, you will feel that life hurts every time a bad word is written or spoken about, your business or your brand. Your vision and mission will flounder if you get zero results.

Instead of striving to be the unicorn, engage the triad. Move from level 1 to level 3, get around a higher grade of people and move from level 1 to level 3 again.




Eventually, something very strange will happen.

The unicorn will find you.

And the unicorn will say the magic words.

“Let’s work together.”

You might even discover that it is you.

As always, do me a favour and share your thoughts below.

Until next time.



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