I’m Obstructed. Call a Doctor.

Obstacles are something we cannot escape. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, obstacles will be in the way. There is no way around this. In fact, obstacles are a sure sign that you are on the path to create something of value.

A life with no obstacles might as well be no life at all. A life with no obstacles means you aren’t searching or striving for something great, something that will make life bigger than just some time measured on a clock.

To do great things, to become the best version of you requires that you step beyond what currently limits you.

And that requires you step way outside your comfort zones. But don’t you do that anyway? Every day you step out of what makes you comfortable. You have to. Otherwise your life would be contracting. And if you’re reading this, your life is expanding.

So what do we do when obstacles pop up?

Most people try to avoid them, work their way around them, find a way over them, or under them.

Yet, the obstacles IS THE WAY.

When you understand this, it will transform your life. It’s had a big impact on mine.

This thing we resist, IS THE WAY, to the thing beyond that we crave.

The obstacle is the tool that will shape us into the people we must become to have what we want.

Interesting concept. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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PS – if this philosophy interests you, check out Ryan Holiday’s work, specifically “The Obstacle Is the Way.

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