Goals and Rubber Duckies

I think January is the month where everyone writes their favourite goals for the year.

And unfortunately, statistics tell us that by mid-January, most people have already given up on their goals and vision for 2019.


Is it some alien conspiracy trying to keep us all captive and playing with rubber duckies whilst the world spins around us?

No, I don’t think so.

It’s more about human nature and something I call the ‘Life-Effect’.

See, life is going to happen whether we set goals or not, whether we hit them or not.

You ever heard the line “5 years from now will come whether you’re ready for it or not.”

Well, the Life-Effect is kind of like that.

It’s hard to set goals and stick to them. And it’s romantic to do it whilst the fireworks are going off.

Next, I’ll give you my 5 tips to make sure your 2019 goals last the whole year.

For now, start thinking about Step 1 – Do I really want this goal and am I prepared to really do the work to get there?

You need to have clarity about the goal PLUS the work required so you can prepare, manage your time, manage your responsibilities, manage the family and set yourself up for success.

A goal without an emphasis and understanding of the work required will almost surely fall over by mid-January.

Make your goals shine. You deserve it.

Talk soon



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