Feeling Stuck

Why do we sometimes feel stuck, even though we are continually doing all the things we are told should make us unstuck?

The answer to that is remarkably simple.

The Pattern Interrupt has become the pattern.

Ever noticed what happens when a new app hits the market, or when a  new technology is released? Everyone goes crazy over it.

Think about the mobile phone – if you are old enough to remember the time when they weren’t around.

Or the iPhone, that took the mobile phone and made it SMART.

The release of the iPhone was a massive pattern interrupt, a gamechanger, a disruption to the status quo.

The moment other companies started copying it, the smartphone itself became the status quo. The thing that interrupted the pattern eventually becomes the new pattern.

This happens for you too.

When you disrupt your own status quo, eventually, whatever you disrupted it with will become the new norm.

The only way to always feel like you are moving forward is to be moving forward every day, disrupting yourself, challenging the status quo and introducing new ways of being that will force you to always evolve.

So where can you disrupt your own life?

Comment below and let me know.



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