The Addiction of Goal Setting

Goal Setting is addictive.

I have devoted a full chapter on the Victimhood addiction cycle in my new book, Goal setting is one part of this addiction.

But why is it so?

Goal setting is deceptive. It feels like we are working on the path to being the best version of ourselves. In reality, we are simply paying lip service to a version we would like to become.

Goal setting provides a target where we can aim our bow.

But if we do not pull the string back to release the arrow, are we any better than the person who has no goal?

What is the point of a goal if not to strive for it, to move towards it, to take the necessary steps to ‘give-it-a shot’.

Addiction sets in though because your brain cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction. So when you vividly focus on a goal, you start to feel the feelings of having achieved it.

This is why it can feel so good to do the process of goal setting.

Again and again and again.

Eventually, the path of creation must give way to the path of execution.

And in that space, all the challenges and emotional hooks will come out to bite.

It’s safer, it’s nicer and feels richer to stay in the goal-setting stage. Unfortunately, the price is often your very dreams themselves.

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