Be the Cause

Are you responsible for everything that happens in your life?

I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that taking the attitude of empowerment, that I can affect the things in my life that bring me pleasure and pain sure feels better than the alternative.

We have to consistently ask; how did I create this experience in my life?

Now, for good situations – the one’s we love, we like the answer to that question. Who wouldn’t?

You feel good about helping little Johnny with his recital practice.

You feel good when mum asks for a helping hand and you’re there to give it.

But what about the situations we don’t like?

Do we need to take responsibility for the car accident?

What about the person who broke in and wrecked the home?

Or the terrible diagnosis?

It’s my opinion that we do.

I’m not saying you brought it on intentionally.

But one way of thinking makes you the victim of what happens and the other way of thinking puts you in charge.

So which way do you believe delivers the best results?

Which way of thinking, victim or victor is likely to get you to take more proactive action?

For me – it is the thinking that says: “How did I create this experience in my life?”

On the next post, we’ll delve deeper into what to do with the answer.

Get below and tell me what you think.


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