5 Step Goal Hack

So on the last post we started the discussion on your 2019 goals.

There are actually 5 steps I recommend you review to give yourself the best chance of making your goals stick.

If you’re anything like me, I take time to design these cool goals for the year. They have timeframes and action steps. They look awesome on paper.

It was only after I failed miserably to execute on my writing goals a couple of years back that I did the real critical thinking necessary and make the changes that made the difference for me.

Here’s what I discovered.

Step 1 – We need to ask – do we really want this goal and are we prepared to do the work to get it. Writing the goal and visualising it is the easy part. The work is what matters. If we’re not willing to do the work, time to pick a different goal.

Step 2 – Actually allocate time. Yes, that means pulling out the diary/planner and boxing time off to do the work for the goal. Please don’t rely on your brain here. Lock the time away and build your life around the goal rather than having the goal fit into your life.

Step 3 – Review. We need to look at our actions and the results we’re getting regularly and track our progress. You don’t need fancy spreadsheets with lines (unless you like them like I do) …. but you do need to have milestones that will tell you if you are heading in the right direction.

Step 4 – Change what’s not working. Yes, I guarantee that the way you plan the goal will not be how it plays out. Most people get discouraged here. And discouragement leads to the dark side of the force. Stay on the light side my friends and remember that you will need to alter things to get to your goal. It’s normal.

Step 5 – Celebrate the small wins. We have to, right? I mean if we wait until all the weight comes off, until all the book is written, until the income gets to that place, we’ll fall victim to fear, doubt and uncertainty. Your brain responds to small wins, so celebrate along the way. You’ll feel better and be more energised to continue the journey.

Share your thoughts below and let me know what works for you.

Until next time.



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  1. Aleni 5 years ago

    Great tips

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