The Sacred Six

In the last post, we started a conversation about the recipe that creates all problems.

In this post, I want to break this down for you.

There are only six things you can do in your head. These six things create all meanings, generate all feelings and form the basis of every recipe for every behaviour, good or bad that you may have.

The six are:

  • Visual – Create or remember pictures

  • Auditory – Create or remember  sounds

  • Kinesthetic – Create or remember  feelings

  • Olfactory – Create or remember smells

  • Gustatory – Create or remember tastes

  • Auditory Digitial (Ad) – Self Talk

That’s it.

Every behaviour you or I have is formed with one of these six internal processes.

They are the recipe.

The power of NLP is that it is the only coaching methodology that works specifically with these internal processes.

Here’s something you can try at home.

Consider a small problem you may be having and ask this question.

1 – What pictures am I making in my head about this problem?

I can almost guarantee that the pictures are negative. They are of a situation you do not wish to occur.

If we make negative pictures we will have negative feelings.

Until the next post, take a piece of paper and record the pictures you are making in your head about a problem you are experiencing.

Make the recipe conscious.

In the next post, we’ll finish up with an NLP technique you can do at home to blow out a problem.

Until then





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