Choose You

Recently a client in my inner circle mentoring program asked a powerful question.

“How can I remove myself from situations where drama is about to erupt?”

There are a few strategies you can use, and the first one is Choosing You.

This means you come first.

This means you no longer allow other people to tread all over you.

This means your energy and where you spend it matters.

This means the energy around you and the way it interacts with you matters.

Yo remove yourself from situations where drama is about to erupt is easy. Just walk away. But that’s not really the question, is it?

The real question is how do I get out of this situation knowing that ‘they’ will be upset with me.

The real issue is caring what the other person thinks.

Now, I get it, you’re a social person and you don’t want your friends and family to feel you are uncaring. So, how you pull yourself out is important.

First, you must choose you.

You must set the boundaries of what you will allow in your experience. Doing that means you must also be okay with the consequences that flow from there.

If you’re not okay with the consequences, you can never set the right boundaries.

Second, you must let the other people know that you no longer participate in these dramas, and if they choose to continue it, you will need to go for a walk.

And you must have the courage to do exactly that.

Effectively, you are re-training the people around you on what you will accept.

Easy? No.

Doable? Absolutely.

You just have to start with choosing YOU and your peace of mind.

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