How do you know you’ve lived a good life?

I recorded a Facebook live earlier this week where I talked about this, but I think it’s important enough to garner a written post.

How can you know if you have lived a good life, and how does this correlate to purpose?

If you could know, at the end of your life, what questions you would use to rate your life, you would know what needs to be done while you’re alive.

Brendon Burchard talked about this in his book “Life’s Golden Ticket’.

And recently I read about an extension of this in his book “High Performance Habits’.

When we are looking for ‘purpose’ we are often simply looking for what will make us feel that our life was worthy of having been lived and we are happy with the way we lived it.

I did some work this week in identifying what specifically are the questions that matter to me. Here is what they are for me:

1- Did I love and give of myself

2- Did I spread positive energy today

3- Did I put family first

4- Did I pursue my dreams

I’ve been asking variations of these for years but I’m now focussing specifically on answering these every night.

I know that these are the questions – at least for now – that are the drivers of my life.

Now I think it’s also important to recognise that not every day is a yes to every question.  But I aim to having a yes to these for the majority of days.

This makes my life a life worth lived. A good life.

If you’d like to share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear them.

What are the questions that make a good life for you?

Talk soon.

Keep dreaming and believing.




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