Tony Robbins Got it Wrong

I love Tony. I’m a huge fan and have been following his work for two decades. I’ve got his programs.

We all know he’s made a huge impact.

But on this, he got it wrong.

Tony has an empowering mantra he teaches – “If You Can You Must”.

I don’t believe this to be true.

And here’s why.

We are all limitless souls with infinite capacity to create abundance – and lack – on Earth. We do a great job of both.

There are thousands of things I could do, and probably do them really well.

I could play guitar really well. I’ve played in the past and it wouldn’t take me that much to get better.

I could play soccer with my local team.

I could take up MMA. I already have a black belt in Karate so again, not a huge leap.

I’m not even talking about going to extremes.

I could take up swimming and do so professionally. Would I be any good – no idea, but I could do it.

And so could you.

You have your own list for what you can do.

Does that mean you should do it?

Absolutely not.

You should only do things that you WANT to do, not things you CAN do.

Big difference. Big distinction.

So many people get caught in careers of convenience because they happen to be good at a career they ‘fall into’.

Uncle Bob runs the local car dealership and little Johnny just happens to be good at sales. He excels and does great. But he hates it.

Mary is great with numbers and takes an accounting degree in University. She starts working with one of the top accounting firms, earns a great income. And hates it.

Take a moment to think clearly and critically about what you are about to do, or have been doing. Is it really what you WANT to do, or is it just convenient?

Your life is worth more than convenience.

And for the record, I forgive Tony for getting it wrong. He still rocks. 🙂

Let me know what you think below.


  1. joel 5 years ago

    What great insights Chris, I agree with what you are saying here for sure. Do you think Tony means if you CAN do something you WANT then you MUST?

  2. Author
    Chris Lianos 5 years ago

    Hey Joel – look I think that’s what he probably wants to convey but the message that gets received by people is often different. It’s the same message received by kids from parents – certainly was for me at Uni. And with careers etc. It’s also a reflection of our society in that people are take less responsibility for creating the life they want because it requires critical thinking to do so. Thanks for commenting mate

  3. Author
    Chris Lianos 5 years ago

    Thanks Ray. Nicely put.

  4. Author
    Chris Lianos 5 years ago

    Thanks Richard, they are great examples of what I mean. Imagine if we had to do something just because we can. Promise not to ask you to weld. 🙂 Appreciate your comments.

  5. Author
    Chris Lianos 5 years ago

    Hi Jeff, certainly is it. Thanks for commenting.

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