Are you lying to yourself?

In the last post I talked about clues that we can be off-track.

Believe it or not, some people still not only stay stuck in an environment or state that is not serving them, they also stack the negatives one on top of the other. (WHAT? Yes I couldn’t believe it either)

They might say to you:

  • I hate that I don’t have money
  • My life is so incomplete
  • I’m never going to be happy
  • I feel unworthy of happiness

The problem here is that if you stack the bad, you’ll just feel worse. There is no justification to stack the bad.

Instead, you should be stacking the good.

And here’s the rub. Some people will say that life just isn’t that good.

And that is a lie.

Yes, there can be experiences we dislike, but there is always some gratitude to be found if we change what we are looking for.

You need to be honest and look for everything that you see.

So you can acknowledge:

  • I opened my eyes today, so I have another day where I can make new choices.
  • I can feel gratitude for the bed I lay in
  • I can feel gratitude for the hot water I can use every day
  • I can feel gratitude for the food in my fridge
  • I can feel gratitude for the friends and family that love me

We want to stack the good and realise the beauty of life.

This is the antidote to being overwhelmed, to self-sabotage and stinkin thinkin.

Please share any thoughts you have on the subject below.

Till next time.



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