You came here to prosper. TRUTH!

This week we’ve been talking about your journey and identifying where you are in it. For some people, the journey discussion brings up fears of not being where you want to be. For others it’s a reinforcement that they are heading in the right direction.

Which one is it for you?

Has it been confronting or reassuring?

Have you come face to face with yourself?

I know I did when I faced these questions. See, when my coach forced me to look at my own journey, I came face to face with what I now call…..

… The Cliff of Change.

This is that magical moment when we get to make a choice. Do we leap, or do we take a step back? Do we consciously and with volition step into our power or do we retreat into our safety zone. I spend a lot of time on this topic at my Wizard Arises event, and here I want to put this question to you. The same question I ask my participants.

What do you want?

Now I promise you that most people will never truly and specifically answer this question. Why? Because most people don’t want to face the fears that come up with also wanting to go for their goals and dreams.

At the Cliff of Change, you make that choice.

Will you:

  • Play small or step into your destiny
  • Play it safe or step into your future
  • Retreat or expand
  • Give into fear or trust in the power of your true self

You came forth to prosper in abundance.

You came forth to share a special message only you can give

You came forth to inspire people

You came forth to make the world a better place

Tomorrow, in the final email of this sequence, I’ll share how you can finally step into your greatness.

It’s your time now.

‘Till next time.



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