Steps to Self-Mastery

What is self-mastery?

Is it some emotionless empowered state where you can control your world? In some science fiction novels, yes.

But we don’t live in an environment where emotions can be so disregarded.

Self-mastery is the ability to notice and not identify with what happens in the 6 inches between our ears.

Let’s delve into this a little bit.


Notice the thoughts

If you spend any time in quiet introspection you will notice that your brain thinks some pretty crazy thoughts. And if you reach out and catch one, it will quickly pull you into its vortex and you will find yourself trailing along, linking thought to thought, likely feeling worse as you follow along.

This is what gets us stuck in circular thinking where we are unable to find a true solution or even a way out of a problem pattern.

We start to BELIEVE what we are thinking because we are thinking about it.

Yet, our brains are designed to think. It’s what they do every waking moment of our lives. This does not mean that every thought is true, valid or even worth following. Most are not. 95% are on repeat.

So, notice what you are thinking.

Not-Identify with the thoughts

Self-mastery requires us to be able to step back and not identify with our thoughts, with our emotions, with our worldly experience.

You are not your thoughts. You are experiencing thinking.

You are not your emotions. You are experiencing an emotion arising within your field.

You are not your experiences. You are deciding what meaning experiences have for you.

This dissociation from what could be considered our life is an NLP process of awareness. It is the spiritual application of a technical process and way of thinking.

The more we can step back from what we perceive with our five senses, the closer we will get to mastering ourselves…

….and our lives.

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