The Spirituality of NLP

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is, in my opinion, a deeply spiritual practice, methodology and set of techniques.

This might sound odd if you have never learnt about it.

Let me explain.

NLP has often been linked to manipulation, hypnosis, coercion and mind control. Like all things, the techniques of NLP are simply techniques. The user must be responsible for how they are utilised.

Intention is everything.

Underneath it all though, NLP stands on a very stable premise.

The Expansion of the Self.

In our school of NLP, everything is taught from the perspective of growth, alignment, calibration and connection to the deepest state that is who you truly are.

Underneath the history of your life and the set of experiences you have brought with you to this moment is a being of energy, an eternal extension of creation. This is who and what I believe we all are.

This being called soul in some monastic practices, and higher-self in others, is the true you, the true expression of who you are.

It holds no ill-will.

It carries no drama and trauma from the past.

It has no fear or anxiety, regret or discontentment.

It simply is.

NLP is a grounding practise that allows you to disconnect from the pain of the past, thereby freeing the energy used to keep it in place. This energy can then be used towards your goals and the things you want to create in your life.

Why do I call it spiritual?

Because the more we can connect to that light within, and remove the baggage that is keeping us from that spark inside, the happier we can be.

And isn’t that what we all seek for?

Happiness and expansion.

What could be more spiritual than that?

What’s amazing is that as you delve deeper into the study of expansion through NLP, the more obvious it becomes that the journey is never to something out there.

It’s a journey back to who you have always been.

Love to hear your thoughts


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