Handling Life

In the last post we delved into the concept that you are responsible for the experiences that happen in your life. The good and the bad.

And we ended it with the question I ask myself “How did I create this experience in my life?”

In this post I want to dig deeper into what to do with the answer.

So let’s get right into it.

The million-dollar question is how do we face life when we choose to be responsible for all our experiences? What happens when we have to take responsibility for a death, an illness or some other catastrophic situation?

These are not easy questions.

But before we get to the answer, let’s address the slippery slope of blame.

A person with a lower level of awareness may shift from accountability to blame.

It’s my fault that this happened.

That is very different to How did I create this experience?

It’s important to ask the right question. Asking the wrong question will provide a disempowering answer in the best case, and a dangerous answer in the worst case.

So once you take responsibility….now what?

Dealing with the responses of life requires a shift in the way you see the world. Focussing on what the 5 senses bring your way, adding in the auditory-digital self talk, will provide one level of explanation.

With this model of the world, you are faced with the randomness of life. And the fact that you cannot have created the experience.

Except that our most advanced understanding of the universe contravenes this. What we now know to be true is that the human being is indeed a creation-machine, although the mechanism of creation is not so obvious.

The mechanism of creation is a combination of your thoughts and the feelings attached to them. Thoughts alone are not sufficiently strong to bend reality. Once emotion is added to them, you create a powerful magnetic resonance that shifts your reality to include the experiences you are focussing on.

So, taking that view of the world as reality, we are able to see that our experiences are far deeper than what we understand.

Which means – the experiences of life are being unconsciously created for our highest good. Even if we do not understand how that it.

It is the mystery of life.

It is the dichotomy of living a life where we are creators, disguised as mere players in the act.

When faced with the reality of a difficult experience, I remind myself that the mystery of the world is not definable. That we are not supposed to have all the answers and I must revert to a single word.


On the next post we discuss living life intentionally.

Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time


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